Maria Tender is currently Head of Strategy—Syneos Health Communications.

An innovative yet pragmatic Planning Leader: creating strategies that drive and revive brands.

She has brought new thinking to leading brands facing a dearth of ideas, and found ways to inspire creative teams to reach unexpected solutions. How--by placing insights in the context of larger marketing truths, never overlooking the details on brands, respecting the consumer's voice/context, and tapping the collective brains on her accounts.

She has worked on new product development initiatives, brand consultancy projects, built and led teams to win and service businesses, as well as the development of the Agency strategic toolbox.  She has also led the development of digital and social integration for healthcare brands that were new to the space.

She has touched many brands and categories, but healthcare is her passion.  She launched Keytruda, Gardasil, Vytorin, and Singulair just to name a few.

Maria believes in the journey of active discovery and creating a unique narrative identified from the core of the product, one that connects directly to the heart of the consumer.

Prior to Syneos Maria worked at DDB as Director of Brand Strategy for over two decades and before that she worked at McCann and Grey Advertising.